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Born in 1958, Mario De Vito from a young age expressed particular attitude towards the world of fashion and especially to the world of footwear. Choosing to move in the Marche region in order to better enjoy its footwear tradition and so set his own future in a rich and organized territory.

In this way born Mario De Vito Studio offering for over 25 years collaboration and consultancy to the best national and international companies. Barracuda and Fabi are just some of the companies with which Mario De Vito Studio has worked and contributed to the achievement of considerable goals.

Mario De Vito Studio is located in the heart of Civitanova Marche, relies to the support of young and ambitious employees and with whom recently joined Luca De Vito, who, after a training course at Polimoda of Florence, integrated himself into the staff bringing more dynamism and innovation.

Mario De Vito Studio offers its konw-how both in stylistic way, presenting its collections born from a careful market research, materials, accessories, and as a consultant realization of products designed to meet specific customer needs.

Frequent trips to Europe, America, China, India complete the profile of this Studio that has turned his passion into a job.

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